Safety Signs
safety signs, caution signs, warning signs, danger signs
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Safety Signs

Custom Safety Signs

We make your signs to order, right here in Lafayette Louisiana. We offer consulting for new developments and audit deadlines.
These are the common safety sign options decals, aluminum signs and engraved tags.

For direct application a quick peel and stick.
This is your least expensive and fastest solution.

Decals will fade with time and and cannot be adhered to all surfaces.

Aluminum w/ premium vinyl
Depending on the size of the signs we use either direct aluminum or aluminum composite material (ACM). With a vinyl applied sign you have a minimum life expectancy of 8 years.

Engraved tags
Engraved tags may not have the pizzazz of standard signs, yet they get the information across and have a good shelf life.

OSHA signs can be created when you need them, We have over 1000 modern styles like the the images bellow, tell us what you need and we will send you a sample prior to production.