Ballasts and Bulbs
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Ballasts and Bulbs

Custom made for you.

Scroll over the Cover boxes bellow to reveal more data about your purchase

  • Ballasts & Bulbs

    Lighting issues with your sign, let us give it a clean new start. We have 2 plans to choose from.

  • Base ballast and bulb replacement $1000

    Electronic or magnetic ballast conversion with high output bulbs replacement and wiring.

  • Bulb to LED conversion

    Complete illumination upgrade. We replace your bulbs with LED light and ballasts with drivers. This not only saves money on energy but eliminates bugs (seriously look it up)!

  • LED Board Issues?

    Logic board, power supply or wireless connectivity issues?

  • Component upgrades

    Replacing LED parts, we can do that 🙂

  • Wires are EVERYWHERE! 🙂

    Give us a call we can help 337-232-1496